Working at TWINNER (Photo: Marcus Jacobi, Werbefotografie)

Working at Twinner People before product

Our Mission

We aim to make the true value of every vehicle easily accessible to anyone, anywhere. By powering safe and transparent car sales worldwide, we are improving the lives of everyone who buys, sells, makes, services and drives cars.

Clarity in every conversation

We believe each and every conversation, whether with customers or colleagues, should be based on facts. By harnessing the power of data, we provide peace of mind and make sure everyone is on the same page.

Good ethics make good business

Buyers and sellers are better off if their relationships are based on honesty, respect and trust. We create transparency along the automotive value chain – a foundation that instantly builds solid relationships and ultimately boosts sales.

At home in the unknown

From the very beginning, we’ve been on a journey of discovery. No one has done this before. We can’t wait to find out what’s around the next corner. Perhaps that’s why we’re leading the way to automated and objective vehicle valuation.

Failure is just a pit stop

While we have a steely-eyed focus on the future, we never lose sight of the past. We learn from our mistakes. We check and recheck the data. We tweak and finetune. Then we get right back out on the track and take the industry to the next level.

Automated processing of digital vehicle data and assets in the Twinner® cloud

People matter more than products. That’s why making people’s lives easier is at the heart of what we do.

Why join TWINNER? Our team will tell you

Meet Silvan / our CEO

Meet Lars / Product Engineer

4 suggestions for your application

  • Our job descriptions are like our Digital Twinn® – transparent and precise. We want you to know what we’re looking for and what you can expect. Please read them carefully and make sure your qualifications are a good match.
  • To consider your application, we need a professional resume and references. You can score some points by adding a cover letter. Tell us your aspirations and why you are the best fit for the job.
  • Read the job description carefully and, point by point, check off what you already bring to the table and where you have potential for growth.
  • In your CV, focus on what you accomplished, when/where you accomplished it and what tools, programming languages, certificates etc. made you accomplish it.
  • Please also send your references along with your documents.
  • A cover letter is not a Must Have, but it certainly is a convenient way to portray your skillset and motivation for the position you apply for.

Onboarding at TWINNER

We would like your onboarding to be Covid-proof and organized at the same time. For this reason, we are prepared to do it online only.

After signing your contract

We will take care of your hardware and get you set up for your first days and weeks. If you have any questions, reach out to Annett or Maria (Links).

One week before your first day

We will send you an Onboarding Guide with all the necessary Twinner essentials, such as our Code of Conduct, contact persons and links to company content. In addition, you will be informed when and where your first day starts.

Your first day

We will peer you up with a mentor who will be there to answer your questions and help with the first steps. Aside from your mentor, other colleagues will also be happy to help and support you.

Your first weeks

You will do essential trainings (Personio, workplace safety). With regular feedbacks and follow-ups with your hiring managers, you will be able to track your progress every step of the way.

Let’s shape the future together

Send us your application and be part of an international team which shares one vision – to digitalize the automotive industry.